Full Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger (Milk/Juice/Beverage)

Plate Heat Exchanger

Product Name: NQ-Plate Heat Exchanger
Plate Material: 304 or 316L
Body Material: 304
Gasket Material: NBR, EPDM, etc
Max Working Pressure: 3Mpa
Working temperature: -10℃ – +150℃
Cooling: Single stage or two stages
Size: 1m2, 3m2, 5m2, 7m2, 10m2
Plate Number: 17 – 77

    NQ plate type heat exchanger is composed of a group of corrugated metal plants. The holes on it form channel for liquids to flow, and the heat will be transferred between two kinds of liquids. The plates are assembled between a fixed frame board and a moveable clamping board and are tightened by the tightening bolts. These plates are installed with sealing gaskets. The sealing gaskets play the sealing function on the channels between plates and make the liquids flow into adjacent channels.The quantity of plates are determined by flow, physical properties and temperature of liquids. The joints can be located on the frame board and clamping board.

Plate Heat Exchanger Plate Heat Exchanger Rubber Plate
Food Grade Stainless Steel Cross Flow Plate Heat Exchanger


    Pasteurization Normal cooling and heating in such industries as dairy, brewage, beverage, food, etc. Heating and cooling in pharmaceutical industry.

Plate Heat Exchanger Drawing
Plate Heat Exchanger Frame Heat Exchanger

    The frame and clamping board can be subjected to painting on the surface or coated by stainless steel.The moving nuts on the fastening bolts are made of A3. Plate type BR-0.06,0.12,0.2,0.3,0.45,0.65 plate stainless steel AISI,316L,316,304 Sealing gasket type NBRor EPDM,Q Technical date Mechanical designed pressure/temperature Designed pressure l.OMpa Working pressure 0.6Mpa Working temperature -10°C -+150°C Joint type DIN,SMS,ISO,male thread or others can be supplied according to requirements.

Model Number

Plate Size


Channel Heat Exchange Area




Plate Quantity Connect Size
NQHE-0.06 160*500*0.5 Single Channel 1 0.5 17 32mm
NQHE-0.06 160*500*0.5 Double Channel 3 1.5 20+31 32mm
NQHE-0.13 200*800*0.4 Double Channel 5 2.5 15+24 38mm
NQHE-0.13 200*800*0.4 Double Channel 7 3 22+33 38mm

The plate type heat exchanger is provided with various flow combination types,which are all realized by adopting different reversal plates and different assembling methods.The flow combination is divided into single flow,multiple flow and mixed flow,which shall be selected according to the technological requirements .Generally,the medium with its temperature difference higher than 1.8 times the logarithmic average temperature difference should adopt he multiple flow .with an inter-plate flow rate of 0.3-0.5M/S; if the flow rate is too low.the double flow or multiple flow should be applied.

Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger
NQ Heat Exchanger Drawings
Hot Water Inlet Outlet Piping

The gasket heat exchanger equipment is one of the latest equipments in the field of heating and cooling. It has the advantages of compact structure, small floor space, high heat transfer efficiency, convenient operation and maintenance, and the ability to handle small temperature differences.

High Quality Sanitary Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger For Milk Pasteurization
Food Grade Full Stainless Steel Milk Plate Heat Exchanger

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