Turbo Speed BIB Filler (Turbo Speed Bag in Box Bag Filling Capping Machine for Egg Liquid Wine Grape Coconut Juice Milk)

Turbo Speed BIB Filler

Suitable Bag: Bag in Box Pouch/BIB bag


Suitable Volume: 1L~30Liter customized

Suitable Cap: VITOP cap, press spout and etc.

Filling Head: 1/2/3/4 customized

Capacity: 300~1000 bags/h depends

Pump Option: Centrifugal pump, piston pump

Measuring Option: a) elecromagnetic flowmeter

b) turbine flowmeter c) piston pump

d) electral scale weight e) mass flowmeter

Material: SUS304、SUS316L

Voltage: According to your local supply

Compressed Air: Over 0.6Mpa

Dimension: 1500mm*700mm*1850mm

INTRODUCTION–NQ Turbo speed bag-in-box filling machine is designed by our company for the requirement of high speed quantitative filling of bag-in-box (bag-in-box) based on. It adopts a flow meter measurement method, with high filling accuracy and very intuitive and convenient setting and adjustment of the filling volume; this machine has a novel design, reasonable and compact structure, and can automatically complete the processes of pulling out the cap, quantitative filling, vacuuming, and pressing the cap. It is widely used for bag-in-box filling of egg liquid, wine, edible oil, fruit juice, additives, milk, syrup, alcoholic beverages, concentrated condiments, detergents, chemical raw materials and other materials.

Super Speed Bag in Box Filling Capping Machine

Our NQ Ning QuanTurbo Speed has special design, between semi auto model and auto model, can offer faster filling speed.

Client only needs to manual put empty bag in box bag on the machine filling U-shape slot the machine will sense the bag and automaticly do filling process from: take off the spout, vacuum the bag, start filling the liquid, nitrogen air flushing, put back the tap on the bag, and automaticlly kick off the bag from the Ushape slot onto the table, so the speed is much higher than normal semi-auto filler model.

1) NQ BIB saitary semi auto bib filler is mainly made full of quality stainless steel 304, so it can easily keep clean and sanitation; all parts contact the material is made of 304# stainless steel and food grade plastic tubes and comply with hygienic standards for food;

2) Our NQ bag in box filling machine can fullfill accurate filling and capping at one operating position.

3) Our NQ BIB filler uses flow meter for filling which is with high filling precise.

Automatic Bag in Box Filler
bag-in-box filler components brand

4) All its pneumatic and electric parts are from world famouse brand which are good quality.

5) Our machine can achieve vacuum pumping before they are filled, thereby helping extend the shelf life of the product.

6) Our machine can add nitrogen function according to clients requirement.

bag-in-box fitments
bag-in-box filler flowmeter
bag-in-box filler pump
bag-in-box filler shipment

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