Double-Heads Standard Semi Auto BIB Filler (2 Filling Heads Bag in Box Pouch Filling Capping Machine)

Double Head Standard Semi Auto BIB Filling Machine

Suitable Bag: Bag in Box Pouch/BIB bag

Model: NQBIB-S2

Suitable Volume: 1L~30Liter

Suitable Cap: VITOP cap, press spout and etc.

Filling Head: 2

Capacity: 200~400 bags/h depends

Pump Option: Centrifugal pump, piston pump

Measuring Option: a) elecromagnetic flowmeter

b) turbine flowmeter c) piston pump

d) electral scale weight e) mass flowmeter

Material: SUS304、SUS316L

Voltage: According to your local supply

Compressed Air: Over 0.6Mpa

Dimension: 1000mm*700mm*1450mm

    NQ BIB bag in box filling machine adopts the flowmeter to match the PLC measurement. The filling accuracy is high. The filling volume is adjustable, which is very convenient. The operation is simple. Only the mouth of the bag is gently pushed into the filling position. The filling machine will automatically complete the action of tearing tab, filling and covering. No manual operation is required. The machine is equipped with vacuum function to avoid the pollution of the filling material.

Doulbe Heads Bag-in-Box Filler
Double-head automatic bag-in-box filling capping machine
Doulbe-Head BIB Filler Back
Doulbe-Head BIB Filling Machine Backside

NQ-Ning Quan BIB Machinery supplied best filler, suitable Bag in Box Pouch, Flexible packaging liquid filling machine, is specially used for liquid materials of flexible packaging bags, etc.) (quantitative filler, quantitative scope for 3L – 50 L, the filling process in the vacuum filling, the filling process: pull lid, smoke packaging vacuum, filling, gland, while filling mouth to mouth sucked (guarantee filling without residual oil droplets in packaging), the whole process is done automatically. Lord pneumatic and electric original are imported accessories, to ensure that the system is stable, the quality of excellence.

bag in box filler PLC
bag-in-box filler components brand

The entire pipeline for stainless steel, food-grade butyl rubber decals high-pressure turbine flow meter and stainless steel composed by omron PLC, control and related accessories composition. Packages depend on the nozzle support. Can be widely used in cooking oil, and wine, beverage, lubricating oil and chemical industries.

bag-in-box fitments
bag-in-box filler flowmeter
bag-in-box filler pump
bag-in-box filler shipment

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