Aseptic Water Juice Wine Bag in Box Bag Pouch with plastic tap

Qualified Bag in Box Bags

Bag Size: 1L, 1.5L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L…220L

Transparent bag PA/PE+PE

Aluminized bag PE/VMPET/PE+PE

Bag Tap: VITOP, screw cap, press button, duckbill cap, ring valve

Tap Position: Center, Corner, customized

MOQ: 10000,

Advantages of bag-in-box packaging for wine and alcoholic beverages
1. No need to vent container to dispense – the result, wine stays fresh for weeks after opening
2. Easy to use dispensing options
3. More efficient storage of empty and filled package as compared to traditional glass containers.
4. No damage due to glass breakage
5. Eliminate spoilage related to cork issues

What is bag in box?

Bag in box is a new form of packaging convenient transportation ,storage ,saving transportation costs.

High Quality BIB Red Wine pouch dispenser juice bag in box

Ning Quan BIB Filling Bags Application:

1.Food: wine,red wine,yellow wine, edible oil ,concentrated juice,egg,juice,milk,beverage,drinking water, sorbitol,syrup,soy sauce and other liquid condiments.

2.Oil industry: lubricating oil,glycerin,castor oil,coconut oil, palm oil,transformer oil,high oil fatty acid

3.Non hazardous liquid chemicals:liquid fertilizers,surfactants,plasticizers,synthetic resins,food additives,cleaners,syntheiclatex,polyols,natural rubber,polyether,liquid chemicals,etc.

Aluminium Foil Wine BIB Bag In Box Packing

Bag in Box Packaging

Box in bag is a new form of packaging, convenient transportation, storage, saving transportation costs, bag aluminum PET, LDPE ,And nylon composite . Aseptic disinfection, bags and faucets, cartons are used together, the capacity has now developed to 1L to 220L,and the main valve is butterfly valve.


Bag packaging is widely used in fruit juice, wine, fruit juice, mineral water, edible oil ,food additives, industrial chemicals, liquid fertilizer and so on .The box in bag is composed of a flexible inner bag made of a multilayer thin film and a sealing tap switch and a carton.

Wholesale Storage Aseptic Bag In Box Pouch Apple Juice
Transparent Nylon PE Bag in Box Pouch Press Spout

There are two kinds of materials to produce bag in box ,one is transparent bag ,the other is aluminum-plated bag. It is combined
with rich valves to make a variety of liquid soft packing bags

We can supply all different kinds of plastic bag in box Valves: VITOP, screw cap, press button, duckbill cap, ring valve, aseptic valve and etc.

Cola Dispenser Bag in Box Pouches
Bag in Box BIB Taps Spouts
Printing Gravure printing up to 10 colors
Surface Handling: Gravure Printing
Capacity: 1L-220L
Temperature: Minus 20°C ~100°C
File format requested AI,PDF,PSD
Sample Available
Shelf time: 7 years
MOQ 10000
Price Based on the bag size
Vitop Wine Bag in Box BIB Bags
Bag in Box Pouch Paper Carton
Bag in Box Carton Loading Container

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