Aseptic Semi Auto BIB Filler Bag Filling Machine for milk, juice, water etc

Aseptic Semi Auto BIB Bag Filling Machine

Suitable Bag: Aspetic Bag in Box Pouch/BIB bag


Suitable Volume: 1L~30Liter

Suitable Cap: Aspetic Cap, Press Cap, Vitop Cap

Filling Head: 1/2

Capacity: 100~300 bags/h depends

Pump Option: Centrifugal pump, screw pump

Measuring: Elecromagnetic flowmeter

Material: SUS304、SUS316L

Voltage: According to your local supply

Compressed Air: Over 0.6Mpa

Dimension: 1200mm*800mm*1850mm

  1. NQ Ning Quan Aseptic Semi Auto Bag in Box Bag Filling Machine has single head model and double head models, which is designed for aseptic filling process by hot steam.
  2. Double aseptic bag filling machine compared with the single-head aseptic filling machine, because it adds another filling head, alternately filling and avoid repeated sterilization.
  3. This aseptic bag filler are designed for 10L,20L aseptic bag filling, exquisite equipment.
  4. Hydraulic and food lines separated to avoid the possibility of contamination
  5. Since filling head height can be adjusted, staged filling, both to ensure that no injury aseptic bag, while the bottom of the filling, avoid excess fold bag.
  6. Horizontal filling is an effective solution to the phenomenon of condensed water droplets bag
  7. The whole machine made of stainless steel 304 food grade level, clean and beautiful
  8. Moving parts plus a vapor barrier and sealing reactive chamber to ensure that their aseptic condition.

Our NQ Ning Quan Aseptic BIB bag filling machine is saturated steam sterilization, sterile barrier protection and design of the entire system of scientific and rational filling, metering mode using weight measurement products, filling high precision; machine by PLC with touch-screen control, friendly and intuitive interface, setting and adjusting fast and convenient filling volume, easy to operate; widely used in juice drinks, sauces, syrup, oil, wine and other soft bag packaging, filling and capping use. There are single head and double head for choose.

Aseptic Filling Room for BIB
Aseptic Bag in Box Filling Capping Machine

Equipment consists of:
Include bag aseptic filling system, weightometer/flowmeter, conveyor system, PLC program control, operation table etc.

By steam injection blowing aseptic way to take sterilizing for bag and filling chamber, to guarantee filling at aseptic state. And no pollution.

The main equipment operating procedures:
Bag feeding – press start—steam sterilizing—automatical cap remove—automatical filling –automatical capping—discharge-manual fill into box.

Main performance features:
1. The machine frame, housing and other components mainly uses 304 stainless steel, the main material contact parts made of 304 #stainless steel and food grade plastic tubes, beautiful shape, easy cleaning and maintenance, in line with food hygiene requirements;
2. The equipment consists of PLC combination Human Machine Interface (touch screen) control, friendly interface, adjust, modify the parameters of fast and intuitive, easy to operate;

Aseptic BIB Filler Hot Steam Connect
Aseptic Bag in Box Filling Back

3. The external CIP cleaning system can achieve automatic cleaning and recycling, cleaning no dead ends;
4. The machine is mainly used in Taiwan AIRIAC original pneumatic products, PLC controller, touch screen and other major
appliances at home and abroad use the original brand-name products, reliable quality, low failure rate, stable and durable;
5. Measurement methods using weighing measurement, high accuracy; within the design range can be arbitrarily set the desired filling weight, and to set and adjust fast and intuitive;
6. This machine has an automatic tare function, prevent overflow red to ensure weighing accuracy;
7. The filling system sterilization with saturated steam as the medium, the sterile barrier protection and design of the entire system of scientific and rational filling, ensure aseptic filling effect.

Aseptic Bag in Box Filler with UHT
Aseptic Bag in Box Pouches
bag-in-box filler components brand
Aseptic Bag in Box Filler Wooden Packing

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