Fully Automatic BIB Filling Boxing Line (Web Bag in Box Pouch Continue Filling Boxing Line)

Fully Automatic BIB Filling Boxing Line

NQ Fully Automatic BIB Filling Boxing Line including filling machine, carton unpacking machine, carton filling machine, carton sealing machine.

Only suitable for connecting empty bag in box pouches and rolled together, the machine will autmatic sense the empty bag and start filling, and cutting them after complete filling process.

NQ Ning Quan BIB Automatically perform unpacking, forming, under the bottom of the flex. And finish the part of the tape paste, will automatically open the folded cardboard box board, according to certain procedures or at the bottom of the box, then tape sealing after delivery to special equipment for packing machine.

Automatic mass cartons out of the machine is out of the box automatically, automatic folding under cover, automatic sealing bottom tape production line equipment, the machine adopts P.L.C + screen control, greatly facilitate the operation, management, reduce production personnel and labor intensity, is essential for automated scale production equipment. Easy to operate, reduce the packaging cost. This machine adopts continuous system; equipment brand servo motor is adopted to improve the packing, the fully automatic web bag in box pouch filling machine line.

Fully Automatic BIB Filling Boxing Line
Bag in Box Boxing Line
Automatic Bag-in-Box Filling Boxing Line
Non Back-flow BIB Filling Boxing Production

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