Standard Semi Auto BIB Filler (Bag in Box Bag Filling Capping Machine for Egg Liquid Wine Grape Coconut Juice Milk)


Suitable Bag: Bag in Box Pouch/BIB bag

Model: NQBIB-S1

Suitable Volume: 1L~30Liter

Suitable Cap: VITOP cap, press spout and etc.

Filling Head: 1

Capacity: 100~300 bags/h depends

Pump Option: Centrifugal pump, piston pump

Measuring Option: a) elecromagnetic flowmeter

b) turbine flowmeter c) piston pump

d) electral scale weight e) mass flowmeter

Material: SUS304、SUS316L

Voltage: According to your local supply

Compressed Air: Over 0.6Mpa

Dimension: 1000mm*700mm*1450mm

NQ-Ning Quan BIB bag in box filling machine is a new generation of automatic filling machine developed by our company according to the market demand. It uses different kinds of flowmeter pulse measurement mode, integrates electromechanical and pneumatic functions. It adopts clean, energy saving and environmental friendly compressed air as the main power, and is controlled by PLC with human-machine interface (touch screen). The design is novel, compact and beautiful. It has the characteristics of accurate measurement, friendly interface, stable and reliable performance, high automation, simple operation, convenient maintenance and so on. Our bag in box fillier is suitable for the different kinds of industry and liquid filling requirement such as water, oil, wine and even granular liquids and etc.

  1. NQ BIB Filling Machine has upgrade shell and frame are mainly made of high-quality stainless steel with beautiful appearance; the pipes in contact with materials are made of 304# stainless steel and food-grade plastic pipes, which meet the requirements of food hygiene.
  2. It can automatically complete the processes of pulling out the lid, vacuuming, quantitative filling, and pressing the lid, with a high degree of automation.
  3. It adopts flow meter measurement method, high filling accuracy and fast speed; filling volume setting and adjustment are convenient and quick.

4. Adopt PLC control and touch screen operation, intuitive display and convenient operation.

5. This machine can vacuum the bag before filling to reasonably extend the product shelf life. It can also be equipped with a nitrogen filling system after filling according to customer requirements (nitrogen filling function is not a standard configuration)

Filling and Capping Part
Insert the bag mouth into the feeding trough, start the machine, and automatically complete filling and capping, suitable different taps~
aseptic bag in box filler
bag in box filling machine
NQ-BIB filling machine is an automatic bag in box liquid filler, which is mainly suitable for filling liquid, water, juice, milk and other beverage. Easy clean and very durable, for long storage life of product, can supply different configurations based on client’s requirement. 
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